Middle Sikhote-Alin Trip

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Vladivostok/Khabarovsk – Terney village – Sikhote-Alin National Reserve and adjusted areas (Tavayza Bay, Russian Bay, Crimson Bay, Lake of Japan, Silver River, Abrek Rocks) – Bold Mountain  –  Kema and Amgu protected Areas (Kema river, Amgu canyon and waterfall) Sikhote-Alin National Reserve (Northern Cape, Gracious Lake) – Vladivostok/Khabarovsk

Day 1-2. Arriving in Terney village. Sikhote-Alin National Reserve & Amur Goral Protected Area. Voyage (by sea boat) & trekking. You will admire some paradise bays: Russian Bay, Tavayza Bay and Crimson Bay, the Silver River, Mountainous Country Abrek and Lake of Japan. Sea and trekking route through the most beautiful section of the coast of the Sea of Japan: unusual stone outcrops, cliffs, seaside meadows, rivers and waterfalls. We will watch larga seals, sea lions, red book gorals and numerous sea birds. In summer and early autumn it is possible to snorkel and swim in the sea. Overnight in tents on the beach in a unique location, reachable only by sea. At the end of the journey we return to EcoClub base. Russian sauna. Total length 40 km (by boat) & 5 km (by foot).

Day 3. Bold Mountain - climbing to the top (900 m). The trail to the top runs on the banks of the beautiful unnamed brook with huge rocks and small waterfalls. Trekking route begins in oak forests, which with increasing height are replaced by broadleaved- pine, dark coniferous, stone birch forests and then draft pine thickets. The top of the mountain offers a beautiful view of the Sikhote-Alin and The Sea of Japan: lagoon lakes and headlands, endless blue mountains, river valleys and the blue sea. The descent along the crest of the Northern slope of the mountain with beautiful views like in an adventure story from the Discovery channel. The total distance of the circular route is 15 km, the elevation of 700 m. Overnight at the base of the Club. Sauna. Total length 22 km (by foot).

Day 4-5. Kema and Amgu National Park. The Kema River and Amgu Waterfall. The canyon. Travelling by jeeps to the wild natural complexes of the Northern Primorye. Trekking through the forest and in the canyon. Overnight on the banks of the river. At the end of the journey we return to EcoClub base. Russian sauna.

Day 6. Sikhote-Alin National Reserve. The Northern Cape and Gracious Lake. The Northern Cape is one of the best sites for Larga seals (Phoca larga) watching in the Sikhote-Alin National Reserve. The seals make rookeries on the rocky massifs of the underwater plateau jutting from the water. Gracious Lake (Blagodatnoe Lake) is very beautiful and it provides substantial feeding benefits for travelling birds. Meadows around the lake are favorite pastures for many hoofed animals (roe deer, sika deer and red deer).

Day 7.Departure to Vladivostok/Khabarovsk on the morning bus/by car.

Tour type: Jeep safari tour+ everyday trekking

Difficulty: medium (normal shape, no medical contraindications).

Price: 700$ per person in the group (3-8 people)                 

The price includes: transportation (Japanese cars jeep), the price of accommodation, camping, sauna, equipment rental, satellite phone, meals (Breakfast, dinner, afternoon snacks), guide on all routes, sea tour, a ticket for the bus/plane p. Tierney - Vladivostok.

The price excludes:  bus to/from 20-30$ to Vladivostok/Khabarovsk

Dates: July, August, September and October 2015. Read more in SCHEDULE