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    June is warm and dry, occasionally it rains. The average temperature during the day is +18-20°С and +10 during the night. Branches are with fresh young leaves, maple flowers, herbs also begin to bloom and meadows become beautiful.

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    In July it is warm near the sea (+20°С) and hot in the mountains (+25-28°С). It is already possible to swim in the sea (the temperature of the water is around +18-22°С). Meadows are colored with bright orange globe-flowers, blue

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    August is warm or even hot (+25°C) and rains are rare. In the sea the temperature of the water reaches up to 24°C; you can swim there for a long time. Blueberries honeysuckle ripen mushrooms appear in the forests.

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    Until the end of September the sea is still warm. In September weather is dry and warm (+20-22°C); in the Sikhote-Alin region hot tropical air arrives. Only at the end of the month trees begin to turn yellow.

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    October is a period of “Golden Autumn” (+20°C –day and +5°C –night). The are no rains. The forest is multi-colored: some trees are yellow and some red, conifers remain green. The mountains and woods look very beautiful.